Eat healthy - it can be so easy!

Two liters of water, seven slices of wholegrain bread and five times a day fruits and vegetables. Sounds hard, but with little tricks you can eat optimally. What nutrition experts recommend is almost the ideal state to keep disease risks as small as possible: five times vegetables and fruits, 35 grams of fiber, two liters of fluid. Hard to manage. Is not that bad. Even if you stay below the bar, you can do a lot for your health. What does that mean for our daily diet? Here are the five best known nutritional rules:

Five servings of fruits and vegetables

It recommends 600 to 700 grams. If this is not always done: already 200 grams of fruit and vegetables daily, z. For example, a peach and a small tomato salad, reduce the risk of heart disease by 60 percent.

2 times a week sea fish

Fish contains a lot of iodine, which we need for the thyroid gland. And the omega-3 fatty acids in fish are good for the arteries. But not even in northern Germany is so much fish eaten. It is important that women consume more unsaturated fatty acids and reduce the saturated ones. Those who save only five percent of daily calories on saturated fat and replace them with unsaturated ones will reduce their heart risk by 30 percent. That means: a good tablespoon of vegetable oil (eg olive, sunflower, thistle oil) more and 20 grams of butter or clarified butter less. And the iodine? Best use iodized table salt.

Several times daily cereal products

Wholemeal bread, pasta and rice, in addition to fruits and vegetables, provide 30 to 35 grams of fiber, which reduces our risk of colon cancer by up to 40 percent. But eat seven slices of bread or a pound of apples every day? It does not have to be, every gram increases the situation. Tip: Provide a change - when you're watching TV, simply nibble 50 grams of dried fruit (5 grams of fiber) instead of half a bar of milk chocolate (zero fiber).

1.5 to 2 liters of water daily

If only a liter is consumed a couple of times a week - it does not matter, this amount is enough for everything in the body to work properly. However, as you age, your body's ability to store water diminishes. And if we move more (which we should) and then sweat more, we just need more. The best way to get used to the large glass of water before eating. And: Variety makes drinking easier: Apple spritzer, fruit tea, mineral water with a dash of lemon juice or other flavors.

300 to 600 grams of meat and sausage per week

Women are allowed to really relax now! On average, they eat about 700 grams a week. That means many of them are already on line. For the others and the men (over 1000 grams per week): 100 grams more than the "allowed" amounts increase the risk of heart disease by 150 percent. Therefore eat as low as possible.
Weekly example: three small steaks / Schnitzel and three times lean meats (turkey breast, brawn, ham). Or twice a thick steak and on the other days vegetarian - already man is in the green area.

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