When children are teething

Tooth breakage - that sounds like pain. What can parents do when babies are groaning and announcing the first tooth? The timing of the teeth varies from child to child. Some have biting teeth at only three months, others smile toothlessly on their first birthday. But if the teething goes on, some sleepless nights are inevitable. Especially if the offspring has additionally caught a flu infection. This happens frequently in this time, because the defenses are not yet fully developed.

This is how parents help their baby

Cuddling, carrying around and comforting a lot - that does not sooth the irritated jaw, but the suffering offspring. And because teething babies have a special need to chew on objects, mom's or dad's fingers are just the thing - the kids will find. Mostly the parents are less enthusiastic about it. Then teething rings help as "finger double". Filled with cooled liquid, they also have an analgesic effect. But beware: do not put the teethers in the freezer - this could cause frostbite on the mouth, gums and oral mucosa in babies mouth. It is enough to keep the rings in the normal cooling compartment.

Carrots and bread crust are also suitable for sucking and chewing. However, the adults should be careful that the offspring do not chew on it or bite off bits and pieces into the air - instead of getting into the esophagus.

Many babies find it enjoyable for their parents to gently massage the painful areas on the dental arch. Special cooling gels and tinctures can additionally relieve tension and itching. Sometimes homeopathic globules help to dissolve in water.

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